International Journal of Software Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Software Engineering and Technology (IJSET) is an open-access journal aimed to provide coverage of high-quality, peer-reviewed original research and review articles of interest to academic and industrial researchers in all areas of software engineering. Submissions must be clearly written and make a significant technical contribution.

In general, only original papers will be considered. Submission of a manuscript to the journal is representation by the author that the manuscript has not been published or submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. However, papers previously presented in conference proceedings of limited circulation may be submitted in revised form. If a paper has appeared previously, in any form, authors must clearly indicate this in both their cover letter and in a footnote on the first page of the paper.

Manuscripts in the following categories will be considered for publication: Research articles, reviews, and new approaches, frameworks, models, algorithms, methods and technologies.


Examples of research areas covered by the journal include:

Software Specification and Modeling

Formal specification, meta-modeling, model verification, software architecture & design, model transformation, architecture description language, software traceability, evolvable software, adaptive software architecture, adaptable software, service-oriented modeling.

Software Verification and Testing

This area focuses on original and significant work in the research and practice of software testing, verification, and validation. It allows the researchers and practitioners to discuss the state-of-the-art, explore new directions for improving software testing theories, technologies, processes, models, tools, and fundamental paradigms. We strongly encourage submissions of both a theoretical and practical nature, from both academia and industry. Suggested areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Software test automation, software testing certification, software testing quantitative techniques, model based software testing, software testing metrics, automatic test case generation, software performance testing, software test driven development, agility testing, static code analysis and coverage, software security testing, software load and stress testing, software mutation testing, software testing case studies, model-based testing, functional testing, non-functional testing, automated testing, formal verification, and model-checking.

Embedded and Real-time Software (ERTS)

Hardware software co-design, code generation for ERTS, verification of ERTS, ERTS design method, reuse in ERTS.

Software Engineering Process

Software process improvement, CMMI, software process metamodel, software project management, configuration management, change management, cost estimation, quality assurance.

Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge representation, business rules, business intelligence, decision-support system, experience-based knowledge management, and knowledge factory.


Application of Software Engineering

Software Engineering in practice, analytical industrial experience, SE systematic surveys, etc.

ISSN: 2289-2842